(06 June 2020, Nan Jing) On June 6, 2020, the dedication ceremony of presenting the book 365 Days for Travelers was held at the Grand WUJI Hotel in Nanjing. Venerable Hui Hao, the supervisor of Tianlong Temple, Venerable Hui Ming, the project leader, and four deacons, Venerable Hui Ting, Venerable Hui Jin, Venerable Hui You and Venerable Ru Yin, prepared a total of 250 copies of the book for the hotel, which will be distributed in the hotel rooms for travelers to read

In his speech, the hotel manager recalled the practice of Hsing Yun in promoting cross-strait exchanges, world peace and traditional Chinese culture and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Venerable Hui Hao for his gift. The hotel’s location, which is next to Nanjing Tianlong Temple, is a kind of destiny, and this destiny makes the hotel culturally attractive. The hotel is also a place where guests can enjoy their physical and mental well-being in an “urban paradise”.

Venerable Hui Hao of Nanjing Tianlong Temple shared the reason for Hsing Yun’s supervision of this book. Hsing Yun hopes that every room in hotels and B&Bs around the world will have a copy of this book, so that all travelers can have a light to guide them in the hustle and bustle of life.

With 365 calendar days in a year and five seasons in spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter, the hotel expects travelers to feel that this book will be like a bright light in a dark room when they stay at the hotel, put down their bags, light up the lamp and read it quietly to gain inspiration for life. The hotel will also serve the travelers with care and share the insights of health and wellness and traditional culture.

Published by People’s Publishing House, 365 Days for Travelers captures the essence of Chinese culture for thousands of years and contains 800 works by more than 400 authors, divided into categories such as philosophy of life, literature and Buddhism, including inspirational writings from Lao, Zhuang, Confucius, Mencius, literary scholars and family letters, and motto. It is hoped that every traveller will be able to find a light to guide them on their journey. The People’s Daily has confirmed that the book will be embedded in its electronic reading board in an electronic version.