(25 November 2022, Nan Jing) On November 23 and 24, Sun Yong, Deputy Secretary of Huangshan City Municipal Committee and Mayor, led a delegation to Nanjing to carry out investment promotion activities, publicize and promote Huangshan City’s related policies of attracting investment, and had exchanges with Hu Gang, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and President of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ji Changqun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fullshare Holdings. Cooperation intentions were reached on projects to jointly promote the development of the life and health industry.

Sun Yong and his delegation visited Jiangsu NUCM Fullshare Healthcare Town and China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. to learn about the development history, technological innovation, technology research and development, product types, operation management and development planning of the enterprises. The delegation held an investment promotion meeting with Ji Changqun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fullshare Holdings, Zhao Jian, Chairman of Nanjing Construction Co. Ltd., Fang Jian, Executive Director of China High-speed Transmission and Chairman of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co.,Ltd., Cai Baochang, Chairman of Nanjing Haichang Prepared Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. and President of Jiangsu NUCM Health Industry Research Institute, Huang Dongfeng, Chairman of Jiangsu Private Investment Group, Hong Qinghua, Chairman of Joyu Group and President of Shanghai Anhui Chamber of Commerce, Yu Dunde, CEO of Tuniu.com, and Zhang Hongyun, Director of Sight Star Ltd. and other entrepreneurs.

Sun Yong the Huangshan City introduced to the participating entrepreneurs, the economic and social development and the current situation of industrial development and the advantages of location and transportation, the heritage of Xin’an medicine, characteristic resources, industrial gravity centre, industrial park construction, business environment and other related issues. He said, at present, Huangshan City centers around the goal of building “Great Huangshan” ecological international leisure and resort tourism destination. Besides, Huangshan City devotes to transforming and upgrading its industry into a more advanced and intelligent one. They actively introduce and develop updated information technology, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, digital creativity, life and health, green food and other emerging industries, and make every effort to accelerate the transformation of resource advantages into industrial advantages. “We invite all experts and entrepreneurs to visit Huangshan, deepen industrial cooperation, improve industrial level and achieve win-win development.” The mayor said. Huangshan City will continue to do its best to optimize the business environment, take market evaluation as a priority, care about comments from enterprise. They will spare no efforts for all kinds of enterprises in Huangshan to provide more accurate and efficient quality services and preferential policies to fully support the growth of enterprises.

Hu Gang pointed out that the revitalisation of Chinese medicine cannot be achieved without the participation of market players. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine has attached great importance to the integrated development of industry-university-research in recent years, and has sought cooperation with Fullshare in the creation of health complexes, the training of health care personnel and the dissemination of Chinese medicine culture, and has made some achievements. Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will support Fullshare and its strategic partner companies to carry out cooperation with Xin’an medicine in Chinese medicine heritage and innovation, and together promote the high-quality development of Chinese medicine and big health industry.

Ji Changqun said that Huangshan City is superior in ecological environment, rich natural resources, obvious location advantages, great development potential and broad prospects. Through face-to-face exchanges, further understanding of the competitive advantages of Huangshan City and a good investment environment, solidifying the confidence and determination of enterprises to invest and develop in Huangshan, followed by further in-depth visits and exchanges. We will actively seeking opportunities for cooperation, deepening cooperation areas, accelerating the marketing of proposed cooperation projects, and thus contribute to the high-quality development of Huangshan economy and society. (According to Huangshan Daily)