(13 December 2018, Nan Jing) As New Year approaches, teachers and students of Huaishuwan Primary School in Jinzhai County, deep in the Dabie Mountains, have received a special “New Year’s gift” - the “Fullshare Love Library”, which is donated by Fullshare Holdings and will be officially opened on December 16. This consistent school with nearly 1,000 students will warmly welcome their first library.

Jinzhai County Huaishuwan Experimental School, built in 1968, is located in Lu’an City, Anhui Province and is relatively handicapped in economy. Most children in the school are left-behind children brought up by their grandparents and living in a relatively difficult standard of living. They lack reading books, and the school does not have a library. As a result, we contacted the school for library donation. After one month’s preparation, the newly renovated “FS Love Library” will be opened to all teachers and students of the school on December 16. It is understood that the first batch of books in the “FS Love Library” will consist of nearly 5,000 books donated by the staff of the company and newly purchased books from publishers, including literature, science, history, social science, psychology and other categories, covering the scope of common extra-curricular reading for primary and secondary school students. The company will not only donate the library, but will also organize a series of public welfare activities such as handicraft making, Tai Chi training and teaching support for the school, to further enrich the cultural life of teachers and students here.

Since its listing in 2013, while providing green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy services and products for the whole society, Fullshare Holdings has devoted itself to environmental protection, education, scientific research and the preservation and dissemination of traditional culture for public welfare. It has conducted Tai Chi charity lectures in Hong Kong and Mainland China, sponsored the Bo’ai Hospital Charity Run for the Elderly, carried out Father’s Day charity activities, raised funds for children’s welfare, sponsored children’s play associations and other activities. The company’s social responsibility and corporate development have been combined to promote sustainable development.

Father’s Day Charity Activities

Tai Chi Charity Lecture

(According to Hexun.com)