(24 September 2021, Nan Jing) On 23 September, Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce (JFIC) released the list of “Top 200 Private Enterprises in Jiangsu 2021” and “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing in Jiangsu 2021”, and Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce (JSFIC) and Jiangsu Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy (JISTDS) jointly released the list of “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Innovation in Jiangsu 2021”. “NGC, the green energy high-end equipment manufacturing segment of Fullshare Holdings, was ranked in the “2021 Jiangsu Top 200 Private Enterprises”. Fullshare Holdings is ranked 139th in the “2021 Jiangsu Top 200 Private Enterprises” and 88th in the “2021 Jiangsu Top 100 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing”.

Xu Zhongzi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress and chairman of JSFIC, said that the Top 100 conference has well demonstrated the development history and outstanding achievements of private enterprises in Jiangsu, and has become a brand that is recognized by enterprises and society, a grand event for large backbone private enterprises in the province to show their image and development, and a stage for people in the private economy to enhance their confidence and seek mutual development. The Party Central Committee puts forward “unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector economy” “unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector” “the private economy is of great merit” “private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own”, thanks to the policy, the majority of private enterprises are encouraged to seek development, the implementation of the new development concept. They also build a new development pattern, to enhance the quality and efficiency, optimize the structure, transformation and upgrade, innovative development and other aspects of new achievements, make new breakthrough.

The data shows that the threshold for the top 200 private enterprises in Jiangsu reached 5.86 billion yuan; the threshold for the top 100 private enterprises in the manufacturing sector reached 7.6 billion yuan. From the perspective of operational efficiency, the top 200 private enterprises shortlisted, the total business revenue in 2020 reached 6.89 trillion yuan, total assets of 4.93 trillion yuan, total profit of 254.137 billion yuan, net profit after tax of 202.525 billion yuan. NGC is one of the top 100 private enterprises in innovation, with annual revenue of RMB 771.564 billion, profit and tax of RMB 88.769 billion and an average sales profit and tax rate of 11.51% in 2020.

As a global expert in gearbox and transmission technology solutions, NGC has been advanced in gear manufacturing technology for half a century, and its products are widely used in wind power, rail vehicles, construction machinery, ships and other industries, as well as in building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industrial fields. Especially in wind power, the company focuses on continuous technological innovation and global quality control. In the overseas wind power transmission gearbox market, its market share is nearly 35%, ranking first in the world, and it is a global enterprise with the largest production capacity, the fastest growth rate, the most stable quality and the most perfect service. It is a private enterprise that represents the high-end manufacturing level of China in the global wind power gearbox equipment production.