(01 November 2021, Nan Jing) The results of the Jiangsu Provincial Governor’s Quality Award for 2021 was recently announced, and a total of four enterprises in Nanjing were listed. Chinaccs and Nanjing Weigang Dairy Co., Ltd. won the Governor’s Quality Award, Jiangsu SunpowerTech and Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NGC”) were nominated for the provincial governor’s quality award.

The Jiangsu Governor’s Quality Award is the highest award in quality established by the provincial government and is assessed once a year, divided into “Jiangsu Governor’s Quality Award” and “Jiangsu Governor’s Quality Award Nomination Award”, with the number of each not exceeding 10 (including organizations and individuals). Up to now, Nanjing has a total of 11 enterprises winning the Governor’s Quality Award and 12 enterprises winning the Governor’s Quality Award Nomination Award, the second highest in the province. This time, The Governor’s Quality Award and The Governor’s Quality Award and the Nomination Award awarded four enterprises respectively in Nanjing,each award was awarded to two companies, ranking first in the province in terms of the number of winners for both awards.

NGC is a core green energy high-end equipment manufacturer under China Transmission (00658.HK), a subsidiary of Fullshare Holdings (00607.HK), which was first established in 1969. NGC has become a global leader in transmission technology and equipment manufacturing in wind power generation, industrial equipment, rail transportation, marine vessels, robots, speed reducers, new energy vehicles, etc. NGC’s market share in the global wind power gearbox market has ranked first in the world for many years. With the goal of “zero defects”, NGC has been highly recognized by its global customers in terms of product reliability design, quality control of the entire manufacturing process and quality management of suppliers. (According to Nanjing Daily