(18 February 2022, Nan Jing) A few days ago, “2021IIDA Global Excellence Awards” announced the 24 shortlisted projects in 2021, including 18 Chinese projects. The Grand WUJI Hotel, owned by Fullshare Holdings, won the favor of the jury due to its unique concept, creative design, unique shape and smart layout. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the prize will be presented online on March 3, USA time.

As a world-famous design award, IIDA aims to commend the most creative and outstanding interior design projects in the world, encourage and explore new concepts and new technology projects in interior design and furnishings, and is influential in the world.

The Grand WUJI Hotel is designed by CCD - Hong Kong Cheng Chung Design. The overall design follows the architectural landscape, and is constructed in the “environment” and “boundary”. With the history of Nanjing as the keynote, hotel guests can feel the historical and cultural details of Nanjing while relaxing. The design team has made the space meaningful and worth experiencing and endless aftertaste through the selection of light and shadow, material, texture and the contrast of light and dark in the design. The overall design also incorporates the concept of “five seasons” in traditional Chinese medicine, namely, spring birth, long summer, late summer, autumn harvest, and winter storage. The five seasons rotate, and the environment internal and external. Through the structural interaction of water, stone, wood and other landscapes, the site itself offers guest inside the diverse experience of the five senses, and thus promises a harmonious blend of space and seasons.