(06 June 2019, Nan Jing) On the occasion of the 24th “National Eye Care Day”, Fullshare Holdings joined hands with the China (Nanjing) Software Valley Double Innovation Service Center, and joined forces with ophthalmologists, nurses, lens technicians and health experts from the Nanjing Southeast Eye Hospital, NUCM-Fullshare Health Center and JKOM Cloud Eye Hospital to provide eye care consultation and health check-ups for office workers in the Software Valley.

What should I do if I often feel eyestrain? What kind of eyewash is suitable for you when you go to the pharmacy? How can I solve my dry eyes after staring at a screen for a long time? Can I have laser myopia surgery if I am nearsighted with 8.0 diopters? What kind of contact lenses is a better choice for office workers? What is the cause of blurred vision at night? Are anti-blue light lenses really necessary? What is the impact of different light sources on vision …… To address people’s general concern about eye health, ophthalmologists, nursing staff, prescription technicians and health experts at the public service event were on hand to answer questions, provide free testing and diagnosis and offer suggestions for solutions for the general public and corporate employees.

ZTE Eye-Care Charity Activity

The charity event included eye consultation, disease screening, health science, glasses cleaning, frame adjustment, vision testing, computerised optometry, consumables replacement and consultation on prescription glasses.