(9 Feb, 2017-Hong Kong)Fullshare Holdings Limited (“Fullshare Holdings” or the “Company”; SEHK stock code: 607), is pleased to announce that on 9 February 2017, the Company has entered into a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Inmark Asset Management Pte Ltd (“Inmark”) and Crystal Hills Inc. (“Crystal Hills”), in its capacity as consultant, in relation to the proposed formation of a Cayman Islands domiciled real estate fund (the “Fund”).

The investment strategy of the Fund is to deploy capital on global real estate or real estate related investment opportunities which can deliver an internal rate of return of 15% or above. Targeted investments may include common equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, hybrid instruments into bridging, development, value-add, and opportunistic real estate strategies amongst others.

The Fund is to be established with a term of seven years with an investment period of three to five years. It is intended that the initial aggregate seed capital of the Fund will be approximately US$100 million, in which approximately US$60 million (approximately 60% of the size of the Fund) will be contributed by the Company or its affiliates (the “Seed Fund”) and US$40 million (approximately 40% of the size of the Fund) of co-investment capital will be procured by Inmark from Korean institutional investors.

Inmark, incorporated in Singapore, is a boutique, Asian-based alternative investment company focusing on global real estate and asset back investment opportunities. With offices in Australia, Korea and Singapore, Inmark has in excess of US$1.18 billion of assets under management.

Crystal Hills, incorporated in British Virgin Islands, is an affiliate company of Inmark whose principal business is the provision of business consulting services.

Mr. Ji Changqun, Executive Director, Chairman and CEO of Fullshare Holdings said, “As a conglomerate corporation with a global vision, Fullshare endeavors to improve its global industrial layout, while actively looking for collaboration opportunities with quality partners in sectors such as finance, real estate and healthy living. In establishing the Fund with Inmark and Crystal Hills, we are able to create a win-win partnership, with Fullshare possessing abundant experiences in property, and Inmark, together with Crystal Hills, able to offer extensive foreign networks and client resources. Leveraging on edges of all parties, the Company would further enrich its portfolio in the healthy property, tourism and resort business, and in the meantime, being well-equipped to capture other global real estate or real estate related investment opportunities.

Mr. Ji continued, “The Company strives to provide one-stop green and healthy-living services to its clients. Looking into the future, the Company will continue to consolidate global resources and seek overseas business partnership, in order to further enrich the Company’s overseas business portfolio.”