(20 February 2020, Nan Jing) In the afternoon of 19 February, 20,000 pieces of protective suits arrived at Nanjing Lukou Airport and were successfully cleared for customs. They will be delivered to the Nanjing Joint Prevention and Control Command of the Novel Corona-virus Pneumonia Epidemic that evening for the use of the prevention and control of the epidemic in Nanjing. This is another batch of medical supplies donated by Fullshare Holdings from overseas.

20,000 protective suits ready for shipment to Nanjing Epidemic Control Command

On 12 February, Fullshare Holdings purchased 8,576 sets of Kleen Guard medical suits in South Korea, which were targeted for donation to Nanjing Gulou Hospital through arrangements with the Nanjing Red Cross and the Nanjing Epidemic Prevention Command. The medical protective suits departed with the Gulou Hospital medical team that left on February 13 and is currently supporting the running of critical care of Wuhan Hospital.

“Last week, doctors from Gulou Hospital asked the Command to bring their thanks. All the staff from Fullshare felt a sense of achievement when they learned that our last batch of donated protective clothing followed the medical staff from Gulou Hospital to Wuhan.” Fullshare Holdings, which was responsible for the procurement of supplies for the epidemic, told reporters that due to the complexity and variability of overseas procurement, the delivery lead time for procuring common commodities is usually at least 30 days or so. Knowing the needs, the company used its global resources to search for supplies and, after weighing delivery and shipping times, settled on sourcing from a protective clothing factory in Cambodia. “In order to procure the suits as quickly and safely as possible, we negotiated in the morning of the 12th and completed the contract and then remitted the deposit at noon of the 13th, regardless of cost. During this period, we arranged for specially-assigned staff to follow up and supervise, and it only took a week in total to be sent to Nanjing.”

As there are no direct flights to Nanjing, the protective suits had to be transferred from Guangzhou if they were to be shipped back to Nanjing. “On the one hand, we stepped up to urge the supplier to deliver the goods that night, and on the other hand, to ensure the smooth transportation of the protective suits, we contacted the relevant departments in Nanjing and Guangzhou at the first opportunity to prepare the materials in advance.” It is understood that before the protective suits arrived in Guangzhou, Fullshare Holdings also booked cargo space on flights in advance in order to ensure that the materials were transported back to Nanjing at the fastest speed. “The prevention and control of the epidemic could not be delayed and we had dedicated staff following up on the status of the shipment on a daily basis. In the end, it took only one week from the confirmation of the shipment to its arrival in Nanjing, saving at least 75% to 80% of the time.”

Why is Fullshare Holdings so fast? Fullshare Holdings said that because of the relatively strong supply chain procurement system and for the goods and materials related to the prevention and control of this epidemic, they were almost cost-neutral and only caring the efficiency. “We just want to do something practical for the epidemic prevention in Nanjing, and the reason why this has gone so smoothly is the strong support from the relevant functional departments, which have helped with the procedures at every step.”

It is reported that Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a company which Fullshare Holdings holds the share, donated 10 million yuan in procurement assistance to Wuhan Union Hospital through the Nanjing Jiangning District Charity Federation on February 2. Shenzhen Anke High-Tech Co., Ltd. has also actively donated medical equipment such as 64-layer spiral CT, Anke medical imaging platform and upgraded advanced intelligent image processing software worth RMB 11 million to Wuhan Jiangxia Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital (the Second Affiliated Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology) on 29 January and 3 February respectively to support Wuhan and The donation was used to support the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan and Shenzhen. (Reports from NJDaily Convergence Media and Modern Express)