(15 March 2019, Nan Jing) The rapid development of tourism industry in recent years has promised more and more ordinary consumers and industry practitioners to enjoy the development dividend. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers are expecting more for the quality of tourism and hope to enjoy personalized and considerate trips and services. Practitioners who are facing the problems of competition homogeneity and price competition also hope to be outstanding. Fullshare Holdings, the successor of the tourism industry, is committed to multi-dimensional expansion of the tourism industry, injecting potential energy into the traditional tourism industry with the three growth engines of “increment, efficiency and potential”.

It’s not just in tourism. In recent years, Fullshare Holdings, as the “leader of global healthy life”, has made full use of health, tourism and other resources to build a multi-scenario consumption model, and has successively arranged businesses such as healthy food, healthy hotels, healthy sports, education and medical care, tourism finance, tourism real estate, tourism supply chain, etc., to promote the integration of “health+tourism” multi-consumption scenarios and bring more health products and services to consumers. It also brings more consumption upgrading possibilities to the health tourism industry.

Increase in increment, efficiency and potential, and expand tourism industry in multiple dimensions

Over the years, Fullshare Holdings has set up many offline bases in many provinces and cities in China and overseas such as Australia, including resorts, health bases, hotels, catering, cultural and creative industry, commercial and leisure blocks, and has cooperated with regions rich in tourism resources at home and abroad in many ways to jointly develop and operate the health tourism holiday base, providing consumers and practitioners with more choices of tourism resources. At the same time, Fullshare Holdings also works with other OTA platforms such as Tuniu and Lvmama to provide consumers a variety of tourism products supported by huge high-quality users. Fullshare Holdings’ integrated online and offline tourism resources bring positive effect to the tourism industry.

Since 2017, Fullshare Holdings has extensively developed in the tourism supply chain, helping enterprises upstream and downstream of the supply chain to empower and increase efficiency, providing various financial support, resource integration and marketing assistance, reducing the operating costs of tourism partners, and boosting their profits. At present, in addition to cooperating with major online platforms, Fullshare Holdings has also entered into business cooperation with a number of leading domestic travel agencies offline, providing them with centralized procurement, agency distribution and other businesses of various tourism resources such as tickets, air tickets, hotels, routes, etc. Such “efficiency enhancement” business has a scale of 100 million yuan in each segment.

Fullshare Holdings also effectively integrates competitive health care resources and personalized tourism resources, focusing on the overall feeling and experience of tourists’ physical and mental health, and creating a theme tour that integrates food, accommodation, transportation, health care, travel and entertainment, which makes traditional tourism more attractive. At present, it has developed many characteristic cultural tourism and health tour such as songtsam, Wudang Mountain, Wenchang and Australia.

Health and tourism double drive, scenario-based consumption boosts

Tourism belongs to low-frequency consumption, and the average frequency of family travel is once to twice a year. How can we promote consumption upgrading in low-frequency areas? When specific consumption habits have been formed, how to provide consumers with better service? These issues are also the focus of Fullshare Holdings. By improving service quality, increasing service content and stimulating consumption demand, Fullshare Holdings tries to obtain more industrial opportunities in specific scenario-based consumption.

Fullshare uses high-star hotels as the entry point to build a comprehensive online price comparison platform. To provide consumers with “money saving, worry saving, time saving, and trouble saving” choices, open up supporting services such as sightseeing, car rental, food, sports, and provide consumers with comprehensive optimization services, plan to cover more than 200 five-star hotels annually… This is the efforts of the member reservation platform for high-star hotels planned by Fullshare Holdings.

In addition, Fullshare Holdings is also vigorously developing a series of green, natural and no pesticide residue healthy food, providing rich, diverse, practical and highly matched choices for tourism, sports and other consumption, and improving the pleasure and comfort of consumers in these scenarios.

For Fullshare Holdings, the hotel price comparison platform, healthy sports, healthy food and other products and services that provide assistance for specific consumption scenarios have opened a new entrance to customer acquisition but less costly. It can not only make the services provided more accurate and diversified, but also enhance relationship with existing users. These emerging and high-growth industries will become the company’s important development direction in the future.