(26 March 2019, Nan Jing) ”Health and wellness” is becoming a trend in the hotel industry, and specialized wellness hotels have already appeared in Switzerland, Thailand and other places. From the reporter, we acquired that the first health and wellness hotel in Nanjing will open in the second half of this year, The Grand WUJI Hotel. Located at the intersection of Andemen Street and Software Avenue in Yuhuatai District, the five-star hotel will be built and operated in a high standard, and will be based on traditional Chinese culture and the concept of wellness, advocating a new healthy lifestyle and providing guests with a considerate health and wellness experience.

The Grand WUJI Hotel follows the national three-star green building standard, using the concept of “harmony between man and nature” advocated by the traditional Chinese health and wellness culture as the basis for the entire building, introducing green landscaping into every corner of the hotel, achieving the integration and symbiosis of landscape and humanity, making the overall architecture seemingly floating. The Grand WUJI Hotel will be a beautiful sight on the main road of the city after opening. At the Grand WUJI Hotel, customers can not only enjoy a healthy and comfortable resting space, but also taste the appetizing seasonal food, various kinds of green and pollution-free health food, experience individual health sleep solutions, health exercises based on traditional gongfu, Chinese medicine featured women’s health and beauty ……

Building a “big health ecosystem” with a four-pronged approach

As a high-end business hotel under the Hong Kong-listed company Fullshare Holdings (00607.HK), Grand WUJI Hotel is a vehicle for the company to realize its global leadership as a in healthy lifestyles. Fullshare Holdings, which started out in the green building and commercial real estate industries, has made health industry and tourism important in recent years. In these years, Fullshare Holdings has taken the health and tourism industries as its key development direction. The integration of tourism such as healthy food, health hotels, education and medical care, health sports and tourism finance, tourism real estate and tourism supply chain will bring a different experience.

Grand WUJI Hotel Rendering

In order to build a “Big health ecosystem”, Fullshare Holdings is integrating the resources of health experts, Chinese medicine practitioners and Gongfu masters from renowned Chinese medicine colleges, recreational institutions, health complexes and other partners on the “service side”. Fullshare Holdings is committed to promoting traditional health and wellness culture and providing a series of health and wellness services such as “travel, medical, meridian, gong and food”. At the “channel end”, Fullshare Holdings, together with other OTA platforms such as Tuniu and Lvmama who has huge high-quality user traffic, has brought a wide range of tourism products to consumers; At the “product end”, Fullshare Holdings is vigorously developing a series of green, natural and pesticide-free healthy food products to provide a wide range of practical and well-matched choices for travel and sports, enhancing the happiness and comfort of consumers in these scenarios. At the “resource end”, Fullshare Holdings has set up various offline bases in many provinces and cities in China and overseas regions such as Australia and Singapore, through the revitalization and creation of high-quality tourist destinations, cultural and tourism towns, health complexes and holiday bases, Fullshare can bring more satisfying tourism resources to global users. As one of the offline bases, Grand WUJI Hotel has become a space for users to experience various “big health life scenarios”.

Through the four ends of service, product, resource and channel, Fullshare Holdings provides health services covering a wide range of scenarios, and improves people’s quality of life by continuously optimizing its business model, which is what Fullshare Holdings has been focusing since its establishment. This is what Fullshare Holdings has been pursuing since its inception.

Proper method to meet the “Triple 1s” consumer demand

Travel at least once a year, eat healthily at least once a month and exercise at least once a week…… For most consumers, the “Triple 1s” have become the basic requirements for a healthy lifestyle. Fullshare Holdings has been working on the health, travel, sports and food industries to meet the needs of the “3 1s” and to promote consumer upgrades through various empowerment initiatives.

In the tourism industry, Fullshare Holdings has adopted a dual-track approach of combining light and heavy assets, unlike the development strategy of online travel platforms such as Ctrip and Fliggy and traditional travel agencies such as CCT and CYTS. In terms of heavy assets, Fullshare Holdings has set up many offline resources around the world, such as developing tourism, business and pension industries in many cities in China as well as in countries along the “Belt and Road” like Australia and Singapore, investing in or participating in the operation of the Sheraton Mirage Resort, the Laguna Tourism Tourism Town, Whisper Bay Resort Base and the Laguna Travel Complex in Australia. In terms of light assets, the real estate business model of “construction + finance + operation” has become mature, and the company has also cooperated with a number of domestic online tourism platforms to develop tourism supply chain and tourism finance businesses. The company also plans to build a price comparison platform of luxury hotels, providing consumers with choices of “saving money, saving preparations, saving time and saving trouble” while opening up supporting services such as sightseeing, car rental, food and sports to bring consumers a wide range of preferred services. Fullshare has also planed to cover more than 200 five-star hotels annually from now on.

In order to promote public fitness, Fullshare Holdings plans to launch a health and exercise aggregation platform, based on the principle of sharing economy, to bring all kinds of unused and underutilized resources such as sports instructors, stadiums and gyms online and match them to fitness enthusiasts in need.

Whether online or offline, asset light or heavy, Fullshare Holdings is reshaping the big health industry on a macro-level. As a company which provides platform, Fullshare Holdings will fully integrate global health resources, new energy, equipment manufacturing resources, and cultural tourism resources to create a win-win-win healthy life value chain for customers, partners and Fullshare through more extensive and in-depth synergies. (According to IFENG.com)