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Guangzhou Life Infinity

Guangzhou Life-Infinity International Anti-aging Medical Center

Located on the bank of the Pearl River in Guangzhou, with a gross floor area of approximately 10,000 square meters, Life-Infinity is a high-end healthcare management institution that focuses on disease prevention, cure and recovery services. Specializing in holistic anti-aging; both internal organs and outward appearance, cancer prevention, early detection and adjuvant therapy as well as chronic disease rehabilitation management, Life-infinity works with hundreds of senior experts in different academic disciplines from Europe, USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China. With selected imported, world-class healthcare technology, Life Infinity provides elites with functional medicine adjustment, hormone anti-aging treatment, NCR nerve conduction, internal and external rejuvenation management, biological medicine detoxification, nutritional medicine, physical rehabilitation, psychological counselling, and other all-round health management services. Life-Infinity has nearly 10,000 members and its revenue comes from on-site medical care for members, remote diagnosis and treatment, overseas medical tourism, lifestyle management, and more.

Accurate Body Check

  • 400+ functional medical testing (Nutrients, toxins,
    immunological, hormonal, pressure, gene, organ)
  • NCR weak area assessment

Recovery from Chronic Diseases

  • Expert diagnosis worldwide
  • Functional medical prescription
  • Lifestyle management

Cancer Screening & Prevention

  • Harvard 5D early cancer screening
  • Cell treatment, NCR conduction, combination of Chinese and Western medicine

Medical Anti-aging and Cosmetology

  • Hormonal adjustment
  • Precise beauty equipment
  • Biomedical detox
  • Adjustments to diet, exercise and sleep

Professional Team

  • 24-hour personal health keeper
  • Five-star professional services

Guangzhou Life Infinity website link: http://www.life-infinity.com