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Risk Management

Risk Management Working Group

Composed of 5 regular members, including the Chief Operating Officer and one member from the Company’s Finance Department, Legal Department, Human Resources Department and Internal Audit Department, respectively. Chaired by the Company’s Chief Operating Officer who is in charge of risk management.

  • To rationalize the Company’s risk management system, monitor and inspect daily operations
  • To report to the risk management committee

Risk management Committee

Composed by at least three directors appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company. The committee can invite other persons (including directors, senior management and external advisors) to attend the meeting.

  • To assist the Board of Directors in assessing and resolving the characteristics and level of risk they are willing to bear while achieving strategic goals
  • To assist the Board of Directors in the supervision of risk management and the design, implementation and oversight of internal monitoring system
  • To provide advisory services to the Board of Directors in regard to the Company’s risk-related issues
  • To review and assess regularly the adequacy and effectiveness of the Company’s risk management framework, internal control systems and risk management policies, procedures and systems