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“Nanjing Daily”: Fullshare Group warmly welcomed the visit of the Hong Kong Charity Group

On 20 September 2017, a group of Hong Kong charities namely Hong Kong Pok Oi Hospital, Yan Oi Tong, Yan Chai Hospital, Fung Ying Seen Koon, Ching Chung Koon, Po Lin Monastery, Yuen Yuen Institute and Hong Kong Shine Tak Foundation visited Nanjing as part of the “Charity Marathon 2017” tour. Over 30 representatives from various charities in Hong Kong visited Fullshare Group’s Southern Chinese Medicine Health Center and the Nanjing Wonder City.


Fullshare Group (“Fullshare”, the “Group”) is an integrated private enterprises focusing on the development of green properties and health-related industries. The Group’s business encompasses urban development, tourism, high-end equipment manufacturing, renewable energy and healthcare industries, with a footprint covering major cities in China as well as major continents around the world.


Fullshare has been long commited to public welfare and social responsibility by providing environmental friendly, technologically-driven and heathy products and services. With a high level of compliance standard and a sustainable development strategy, the Group is endeavoured to become a pioneer to evolve the lifestyle of our customers. Fullshare was named as the “Contract abiding and trustworthy Enterprise”, “Outstanding Private Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”, “Jiangsu 1st May Labor Certificate of Merit, “Enterprise of Establishing Harmonious Labor Relations in Jiangsu”, “Top Taxpayer of Nanjing for Private Enterprises” and “Nanjing Advanced Unit of Charity”. The Group was also being awarded the “Chinese Women and Children Charity Award”. Currently, Fullshare has two listed platforms, namely Fullshare Holdings Limited (00607.HK) and China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (00658.HK). Fullshare is also the shareholder of six listed companies.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Fullshare has been taking active roles in various charity works, such as participating in rescue and relief operation, promoting environmental protection, initiating donoation programs and poverty alleviation programs etc. The Group’s success in various industries and the long-term contribution to society are well-recognized by the representatives.


Since 2010, Fullshare has joined hands with the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine to deepen the collaboration between academia and the industry by establishing the Fullshare Southern Chinese Medicine and Healthcare City (“Fullshare Healthcare City”) and Institute (“Fullshare Heathcare Institue). In May 2010, Fullshare donated a 17,000 square meter teaching and research building to support the education, research and administrative needs of Fullshare Healthcare Institue. At the same time, leverage on the strategic collaboration with the Nanjing Institute of Chinese Medicine, the Group has gradually upgrading both hardware and software of Fullshare Helathcare City. The Group is aiming to develop an integrated research, education and training platform to promote the health and medicinal properties of Chinese medicine. The Fullshare Healthcare City has been a platform to provide medical services, to offer training classes and to fulfil education purpose since inception. This has been a successful channel to promote the advantages of Chinese medicine and to bring quality services and knowledges to the public.


As one of Nanjing’s landmark of urban life, Nanjing Wonder City has always been an active participant in social welfare undertakings and an advocacy for environmental protection since its opening in 2012. Recently, Nanjing Wonder City jointed hands with Jiangsu 89.7 Music Radio, the Nanjing Amity Foundation and the C Foundation to launch charity events such as auctions and exhibitions in helping under-privileged students. Nanjing Wonder City has been well-acclaimed for its long-term contribution to the society and has demonstrated a responsible corporate images.


Mr. Pang Siu Hin, leader of the charity representatives, Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Pok Oi Hospital commented, “Fullshare’s dedication on charity works has set a good example for all Hong Kong enterprises. With a global vision and a solid footprint in a variety of industries, Fullshare has demonstrated the roadmap of a well-established enterprise with sustainable development. Looking forward, I would like to invite more entrepreneurs to collaborate with Fullshare, not only in business, but also in social welfare works.”


Since 2010, with the full support from the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong, the charity group has organized visits every year. From 2014 to 2016, under the theme of “Charity Marathon”, the charity group visited Shanghai, Guangxi and Sichuan to strengthen the communication with local charities and launch donation campaigns. Mr. Pang continued, “The Jiangsu visit has achieved remarkable results. With the aims to promote interactions, to understand our nation, to boost positive energy and to offer helps, we have successfully deepened the understanding on mainland enterprises and cultures. We have also established a communication platform between China and Hong Kong.”